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"I remember..."

Comments from 20-year-olds, several weeks after attending a one-time workshop:

“Of course I remember the lesson! … Good couples put in effort to find common language and care about not hurting one another. Conversely, in a bad relationship, one person doesn’t care that they’ve hurt the other. It was a great lesson.”  


”I remember the [cycle of violence] and the whole concept. I really loved the lesson and [Aliza] delivered it in a really fun way. What stayed with me was not to stay in an explosive situation.”


"I loved what she did with the cards. It taught us to judge favorably because we forget that a situation can be seen positively and negatively at the same time. I learned that one needs to think before letting words out of your mouth … which can really make a difference.” 


“It was a really fun lesson...very nice and energetic."


“I remember: ‘EVER’ – event, version, emotion, response; counting to ten; types of violence. It was really interesting and fun. [Aliza] is awesome.”  


 “I remember counting to 10 when annoyed, and the [cycle of violence].”


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