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August Workshop Series

Learn the Skills Now,

Avoid Problems Later

Everyone knows not to yell at your children. Unfortunately, in the moment, what do we do? We yell. 

Everyone knows it's important to argue respectfully with your spouse. Unfortunately, so often, we fail to do that.

Aliza Aziz, MSW, presents lively, informative, entertaining workshops that will expose you to various skills and will give you the opportunity to practice them.

Quickly, you will notice how these skills can make a positive difference in your life.

Contact Aliza Aziz, 972-54-9984464, or 1-408-530-9123, for more information, and to register.

August series discount, 200 nis or $60, for the series.

Do it for yourself! You'll be glad you did.

Young Couples'
Communications Skills

Find the happiness you seek - with the person you've chosen to share your life.

Four on-line meetings can set you on that path.

Learn and practice skills that can reduce tension and stress in the home and improve overall family communications, between spouses and family members, ultimately leading to an overall increase in general happiness - even during times of high stress.

Call or email Aliza Aziz, MSW, for more information and to sign up for the next workshop.  OR   054-9984464 or 1-408-530-9123           

Free for the first 4 couples!! Regular cost - 400 nis / $120 for 4 sessions

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